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The Solutions of EASY BIO

EASY BIO offers solutions for a future where we can live in harmony.

  • Feed Additives Solutions
  • Animal feeds of modern times mostly use crops such as corn, soy or wheat to provide the necessary nutrients at an economical cost. By mixing different types of crops at different quantities, animal feeds are made. But crops often contain substances that cannot be easily digested by the animal, or even disrupt their growth or health. EASY BIO offers solutions for feed additives based on its innovative research to address this issue and help customers achieve maximum growth in their animals as well as in their profits.
    Meet Pathway Intermediates, EASY BIO’s brand for feed additives.
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  • Global Solutions
  • The global animal resource industry has grown rapidly along with the growth in the global economy and population. Along the way it has contributed to the food security of mankind. But there has been an increasing need to address the issues of environmental preservation, food safety, the health of mankind and preservation of crop resources as we increasingly face the challenges of depleted global resources, climate change and resistance to antibiotics. Drawing on the trust it has gained in the South Korean market, EASY BIO has leveraged its various businesses including its feed additives business to aggressively enter overseas markets and provide solutions that help address these issues. Take a look at the global solutions offered by EASY BIO.
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  • Feed Formulation Software
  • As the consumption of meat grows, so has the demand for animal feed and the production of feed ingredients. Nowadays a variety of feed ingredients are actively distributed across the world. This has widened the choice for those designing animal feeds but at the same time has increased variability in terms of the type, price and nutritional content of ingredients and poses a challenge for those wishing to maintain the quality of the animal feed while saving costs. EASY BIO offers a dedicated feed formulation software for calculating more precise animal feed. The nutrients and price of different ingredients can be input as they change, to identify efficient ways to save cost while producing high quality animal feeds.
    Take a look at Format Solution, EASY BIO’s dedicated software for feed formulation.
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  • Nutritional Solutions for Piglets
  • Just as infancy is important for humans, so it is for piglets. Since piglets, unlike human beings, become independent from their mothers early, they are easily exposed to risky environments and require particular care and high quality nutrients. Just as human babies need powdered milk or formulae, piglets need special diet known as specialized piglet feed or milk replacers that can help with their digestion, development and immune system. EASY BIO produces solutions for piglets based on high quality dairy products to promote healthy growth and development.
    Take a look at I-feed, EASY BIO’s dedicated brand for feed for newborn piglets.
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