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Innovative Research

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The solutions of EASY BIO start from innovative research.
EASY BIO has accumulated its technical capabilities by conducting research and development in a wide range of fiends from natural sciences to bio-engineering. By applying ongoing innovative research to its solutions, the company is working towards developing high value-added products that are environment-friendly, to ensure that mankind live a healthy life in harmony with nature.

Internationally Accredited Research Institute

The innovative research of EASY BIO starts from its Bio-Resource Institute, which has a research capability of global standard that has been accredited with the ISO/IEC 17025 by KOLAS. Research is conducted on animal productivity, improvement of animal health, environmental preservation, industrial fermentation, industrial microbiology, dynamic artificial gastrointestinal system and the discovery of new bio-substances that are then applied to the development and verification of various solutions.

Certificate of Accreditation awarded to the Bio-Resource Institute

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    Improved Animal Productivity and Health
    Based on its globally competitive industrial microbiology and fermentation technology, as well as bio-engineering knowledge and expertise, EASY BIO developed solutions that ultimately contribute to enhanced animal productivity and health through improved digestion, nutrient absorption and physiological functions. In addition, based on its mission to provide healthier food to mankind, the company is working hard towards new product development that can increase the sustainability of animal industry.
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    Environmental Conservation
    EASY BIO conducts a wide range of environment-friendly research to realize a carbon-neutral future by minimizing the impact of the animal industry on the environment. Strains of microorganisms isolated from natural ingredients or sources are applied to cutting-edge technology leading to a successful development of solutions that deter the emission of harmful gas and the effect of heavy metal, as well as serve as alternatives to antibiotics and drugs. Also by recycling the by-products of the animal industry into high value-added solutions, EASY BIO contributes to the prevention of environmental pollution while promoting sustainability in the animal industry.
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    Industrial Fermentation
    Fermentation is a process when high value-added substances is produced when microorganisms degrade organic matter. EASY BIO research area and technology in the field of industrial fermentation includes the basic study for fermentation such as development of industrial microbial strains and fermentation processes, and advanced technology of metabolic engineering of microorganisms, separation and purification process and synergy between microorganisms and their metabolites. Equipped with expert research and technology, EASY BIO has achieved mass production of high value-added solutions through industrial microbial fermentation.
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    Industrial Microbiology
    Microorganisms are the most abundant category of the many components that make the ecosystem and are recognized for their useful application in the food and animal industry. EASY BIO has leveraged cutting-edge industrial microbial engineering technologies to conduct objective and systematic studies, microbial culture, and evaluation on microorganisms, and select the most beneficial ones to develop solutions.
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    Artificial gastrointestinal system
    Before offering solutions for animals, EASY BIO adopted artificial gastrointestinal system to conduct studies and evaluate their efficacy and safety. The Dynamic Artificial Gastrointestinal System (DAGS) and the Rumen Simulation Continuous Culture System (RSCS) were used to re-enact the digestive organs of animals, so that feed and additive solutions could be developed and evaluated under various and realistic conditions.
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    New Bio-Materials
    New bio-materials for the future animal industry are researched and explored from natural ingredients and microorganisms using the latest bio-engineering technologies. Through separation and purification process of new functional substances and the application of bio-engineering, chemical synthesis and fermentation using microorganisms, key molecules that determine the efficacy of new materials are identified and later applied to the development of new solutions.
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    An In-House Analysis and Evaluation System
    EASY BIO offers differentiated value to its customers through systematic and scientific technological development based on analysis and evaluation systems of global standards. Biochemistry, bio-engineering, high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), gas chromatography (GC), Fourier Transform Near Infrared Spectroscopy (FT-NIR), and Utraviolet-visible (UV-Vis) spectrophotometers are applied to conduct an analysis and evaluation of all solutions.


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