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Feed Formulation Software

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EASY BIO offers programs that help manufacture the highest quality animal feeds at the lowest cost.

Feed formulation software are some of the basic programs needed to manufacture high quality animal feed at the lowest cost. The programs design feeds by taking into account the price and quality of ingredients that change at each moment to create high quality feeds. Feed formulation software allow manufacturers to achieve the dual goal of increased productivity of animals and cost-saving.

South Korea’s
first ever feed formulation software


The animal industry constantly carries out research to manufacture high quality feeds in an economic manner using ingredients that are finite in their quantity. But the price and quality of feed crops and ingredients fluctuate depending on the production quantity, distribution timing and region, leading to feeds that are in excess of or lacking in certain nutrients. This also incurs unnecessary cost and can have a negative impact on the animal’s growth. Moreover, as feeds become more tailored to meet the needs in each stage of the animal’s growth as well as the needs of individual customers, the challenges of designing and managing feeds have further grown.
EASY BIO has adopted one of the world’s best feed formulation software to resolve these issues and contribute to the ongoing progress in the animal industry. Gone are the days when electronic calculators or abacuses were used to design animal feeds. Now with the formulation software, feeds and their ingredients are more systematically managed, and production costs are saved along the way to produce high quality feeds.

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Format Solutions
‘Least-Cost Formulation Software’ developed by the U.K.-based firm, Format Solutions, allows the entry of the nutrient information and price of ingredients that fluctuate at every moment. The numerous feeds and their ingredients are taken into account to ensure costs are saved and high quality is maintained. Since its development in 1971, the program has undergone many updates based on research to become a feed formulation software recognized worldwide for its optimized function, ease of use and security. The program has a more than 90% market share in South Korea.
  • 1974Format Solutions Multi-Mix
  • 1985Format Solutions Global-Mix
  • 1992Format Solutions NC (New Century) Version
  • 2013Format Solutions INDIGO Version


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