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ESG Management

Environmentally friendly products


EASY BIO’s environmentally friendly animal feed and feed additive solution

  • Pathway Environmentally Friendly Feed Additive Solution

    Endo-Power® is a multi-enzyme product optimized for various feed ingredients. It increases the digestibility of animals and promote the efficient use of feed crop that are the main component of feed, thereby contributes to preserving the water quality, and reducing use of soil resources and a carbon footprint, during feed crop production.

  • Pathway Environmentally Friendly Feed Additive Solution

    Endo-Power® Green is a multi-enzyme product optimized for various feed ingredients and OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) listed in the United States as an environmentally friendly organic solution. Further environmentally friendly processing has been applied to the existing excellent enzyme features of Endo-Power.

  • Pathway Environmentally Friendly Feed Additive Solution

    Lipidol® is a feed additive that promotes the absorption of nutrients with the help of functional lysophospholipids to create a more efficient use of animal feed and a reduction in the carbon footprint during feed crop production.

  • Pathway Environmentally Friendly Feed Additive Solution

    Phosphorus is an essential nutrient required for the growth of animals, but if discharged in large amounts, can cause eutrophication in rivers or lakes. Endo-Phos® is a highly efficient enzyme product to increase the digestibility of Phosphorus and other nutrients within the animal’s digestive tract, reducing Phosphorus and nitrogen excretion and thus contributing to environmental preservation.

  • I-Feed Environmentally Friendly Specialized Piglet Feed Solution

    I-Zinc, a solution to reduce Zinc excretion in swine farms, is developed with the advanced technologies of ideal amino acid ratio, i-ND and natural anti-diarrhea complex. This combination allows the solution to contain just one third of the Zinc level of existing products while maximizing the animal’s growth and reducing Zinc excretion and hazardous gas emitted through manure to contribute to environmental preservation.

Code of Conduct for Fair Trade and Transactions


EASY BIO’s Code of Conduct for Fair Trade and Transactions

  • Making equity investments into a company with which EASY BIO has established an investment or transaction sanction or into a company that wishes to have transactions with EASY BIO in the future is prohibited as it presents the risk of offering favorable treatment to said company during the signing of contracts or transactions.
  • EASY BIO shall not take unfair actions in determining pricing, including unilaterally reducing prices to be paid to a supplier without prior consultation with the supplier.
  • EASY BIO shall not change its supplier or customer, reject the reception of products that it had ordered, or significantly reduce the quantity of the content of items to be bought or sold, without reasonable cause.
  • Employees of EASY BIO who are in the position of exercising influence on the evaluation and selection of partner companies shall be prohibited from offering favors to a specific company or applying discriminatory transactional terms to exclude certain companies from entering into fair competition for consideration.
  • Employees of EASY BIO shall be prohibited from engaging in unfair transactions banned under the regulations on monopolies or laws on fair trade.

Code of Ethics


EASY BIO’s Code of Conduct for Ethical Business Management

  • As members of the EASY Family, we take great pride in ourselves and uphold the company’s name with honor.
  • We abide by all relevant laws as we engage in our business activities and have a thorough understanding of the company’s policies and rules which we also observe.
  • We diligently carry out our tasks and responsibilities in good will.
  • We do not take any monetary compensation that undermines the fairness of the tasks we handle nor do we make any unfair requests or engage in unfair acts.
  • We do not commit any acts that may be in conflict with the interests of the company. If there is a conflict of interest, we prioritize the interests of the company unless doing so is in violation of the code of ethics.
  • We do not engage in any illegal or unfair acts by leveraging a superior position which we may have towards another party.
  • We protect the tangible and intangible assets of the company, and do not use the assets or information of the company for personal gain.

Raw-Material Procurement Principle of EASY BIO


All EASY BIO products and raw materials are evaluated for safety at the new development or purchase review stage. Its evaluation items comply with EASY BIO Regulations and relevant Domestic and International Laws and are thoroughly managed as described in 416-1.

Additionally, in the case of new raw materials, we evaluate our partners and manage the raw materials based on the criteria below, depending on whether they have received the Quality System Certification in accordance with our Internal Quality Regulations.

- Quality Certification for Feed-Grade Raw Materials: HACCP, FAMI-QS, FSSC 22000, GMP, GMP+ International, ISO 22000, ISO 9001, UFAS/FEMAS, etc.

If a partner company has not received the Quality System Certification, we evaluate the company after conducting the Factory Inspection using the Partner Company Inspection Evaluation Form prepared in accordance with our Internal Regulations. (If the Inspection Card Score is less than 70 points, registration as our ‘Partner’ is not possible)

EASY BIO is conducting follow-up management with its partner companies to thoroughly manage the raw materials. We regularly monitor whether the Quality System Certification is maintained at least once a year. In the case of partner companies without the Quality Certificate, we evaluate them through the Inspection Evaluation Form and Evaluation Questionnaire, and if the score on each evaluation card is less than 70 points, we request corrective action such as improvement measures.

We also strictly follow our Partner Management Regulations, such as deleting a company that has previously been approved as a partner if it causes quality problems, etc.

Environmental Contribution Effects of Lipidol


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EASY BIO has formed an ESG Committee within the company for a sustainable future and the welfare of mankind. We practice sustainable ESG (Environment ∙ Social ∙ Governance) management through the adoption of environmentally friendly ingredients, the reduction of greenhouse gases, the development of environmentally friendly products, and the implementation of safe business management.

We build a sustainable future.

In order to become a sustainable leader in the global animal business through Pathway Intermediates, an integrated brand for feed additives, and I-feed, the dedicated brand for feed for newborn piglets, EASY BIO has been carrying out ESG management on multiple fronts. Such efforts include the adoption of environmentally friendly ingredients, the development of environmentally friendly products that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and the implementation of safe management programs. An ESG Committee directly under the CEO has also been established to step up the company’s efforts for ESG management. The ESG Committee is chaired by CEO Stevenson (Ilhwan) Hwang, with four senior executives, serving as members to oversee the company’s ESG policies encompassing environmental preservation, social contribution, and governance.

Current ESG Projects

Procurement of sustainable ingredients
Efforts by the animal industry to preserve the environment for the future starts with the selection and procurement of sustainable ingredients. EASY BIO, from the stage of developing and manufacturing animal feed and feed additives, conducts thorough supply chain management on the raw ingredients such as corn or soybean to verify that they have been produced and supplied in a sustainable manner.
Environmentally friendly solutions
To minimize the environmental impact the production of animal protein food has, EASY BIO has been providing a variety of environmentally friendly solutions. By offering products developed in house in accordance with international standards as well as those verified by the international animal industry for their quality, EASY BIO minimizes environmental pollution caused by undigested substances excreted by animals and contributes to reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.
EASY BIO environmentally friendly products
Health and safety policies
EASY BIO places priority on the health and safety of all of its members and practices safe management to create a safe working environment. A Safety Committee has been established within the company to regularly conduct safety inspections, safety training, and health checkups. Internal rules have been set up to take immediate response measures in the case of safety incidents. The safety clock raises awareness on safety among all employees and instill a mindset that emphasizes safety.
Principles of fair transactions
EASY BIO has policies on transparent and fair dealings in business as part of the principles for ethical business management, to ultimately live up to its corporate social responsibility. All members of EASY BIO make a pledge to abide by the Code of Conduct for Fair Trade and Transactions to help create a culture of co-prosperity.
Code of Conduct for Fair Trade and Transactions
Corporate social responsibility programs
The global animal industry has been experiencing difficulties due to climate change and various diseases. To help the industry solve many of the issues it faces and foster talent, as well as to contribute to the growth of local communities, EASY BIO has been implementing a number of corporate social responsibility programs, including donations to fight against infectious animal diseases, scholarships offered to students majoring in animal science, and donations to food banks in the local communities.
Quality management
To produce and supply safe and reliable solutions to the animal industry at home and abroad, EASY BIO operates a quality management system of global standards. EASY BIO’s plant which produces the animal feed additives received its first ISO22000 certification in 2009 and FAMI-QS certification in 2014. The production plant for specialized piglet feed received its first HACCP certification in 2006.
The ESG Committee
EASY BIO’s ESG Committee is under the direct supervision of the CEO, with CEO Stevenson (Ilhwan) Hwang as chair, and four senior executives, serving as members. The Committee ensures that all departments, from production and quality management to HR, finance, sales and marketing, come together to implement ESG policies in the areas of environmental preservation, social contribution, and governance.
Commitment to ethical management
EASY BIO practices ethical management for improved transparency and fair trade. All affiliate companies of EASY BIO have established an ethics code and guidelines, as well as an ethics information center. Regular training on ethics is also conducted to ensure that all members of the company have an enhanced awareness of the importance of practicing ethical management.
Code of Ethics


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