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EASY BIO is working towards
becoming a corporation that strives for
the co-existence of nature and mankind.

Since its establishment, EASY BIO has been committed to providing healthy food. Based on the latest biotechnologies, EASY BIO offers animal feed additives and feed solutions for piglets.
Drawing on its expertise of having been in the animal business for over three decades, EASY BIO has entered many markets beyond South Korea and is gearing up to become a global leader in the future of a sustainable animal industry in the future by thinking long and hard of the challenges that lie ahead.

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  • EASY BIO creates the best values for improving the happiness and quality of life of customers through innovative technologies, products and services that are future-oriented.
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  • EASY BIO is a value-creating company that presents a new standard for the animal industry that promotes the health and happiness of mankind.
We aim to become a value-creating corporation and a pioneer in promoting a healthy life and a clean environment, and aspire to present a new standard for the animal industry of the 21st century, by keeping our minds and hearts open, dedicating ourselves with passion to learning new knowledge and developing new technologies.


    We work towards change and innovation with a future-oriented and creative mindset. We avoid going through the motions without thinking things through. We are committed to constant learning and viewing our work with a new perspective to find ways for further improvement.
    By conducting a gap analysis between the blueprint for a sustainable future and our current state, we identify creative solutions and the way forward. This is what defines one of our core values, “think new.”
    We embrace new challenges and constantly work towards overcoming them to gain honest victory. No matter how unfamiliar the new path may be, if it is a path that we must take, we are not afraid to take the lead.
    We are not afraid of failure. We avoid sitting still. We believe that entrepreneurship where the establishment of strategy leads to execution and then feedback, is the way to create new value and guarantee achievements. We believe that endlessly rising to the challenge by drawing on entrepreneurship is the to grow and to harness our capability in creating new value.
    We respect our customers and return the trust our customers grant us with better technologies and culture. Our raison d’etre lies in creating the value added needed in the animal industry and making sure that such values are delivered properly to our customers.
    We believe in making sure to spread our values to ensure that every single customer of ours can become competitive, improve their sustainability and produce animal products that end consumers can rely on. We believe this is the only right way forward for us to survive as a corporation.

EASY BIO contributes to the production of
animal-based food productsthat enhance life’s pleasures.


Food played a critical role in the survival, civilization and cultural development of mankind. Food in the present and future will continue to play a critical role in not just survival but also in the health, welfare and pleasure in life. The animal protein industry is a key industry that is responsible for food security and pleasure in life, and has continuously developed to live up to this role and responsibility.
The animal industry is undergoing constant efforts in research and development based on bio-engineering to meet the demand for various animal proteins in each region, economy, society and culture and to develop new values. Bio-engineering is a technology that forms the basis of various industries such as pharmaceuticals, food and skincare and greatly contributes to the production of animal protein.
In this global era, the animal industry has grown from a simple industry focused on food to one that encompasses bio-engineering, crops, animal nutrition, veterinary medicine, breeding, growth management, facilities, the environment, processing and food. The industry contributes to food security and offers pleasure in the life of consumers.

We work towards a sustainable animal industry.


The animal industry has grown at a rapid pace. At present the market is worth 400 billion US dollars and is expected to see a growth in production by 19% over the next decade and a growth in demand by 68% by year 2050. The industry, as a member of the Earth’s ecosystem, is also working towards resolving the issue of environmental pollution and global warming, and improve sustainability. By applying innovative solutions and cutting-edge technologies, the efficiency of the overall industry is increased, environmental preservation, waste in resources and threats to human health are minimized, while healthy animal products are offered to mankind.
Starting in 1986 in Sweden, and followed by the EU in 2006 and South Korea in 2011, the use of antibiotics in animal feed to promote growth has been banned. This was one of the first steps to increase sustainability in the animal industry. The industry has stopped the use of reckless antibiotics and adopted environment-friendly solutions to prevent the antimicrobial resistance (AMR) that threaten the health and survival of mankind. In addition, technological innovation has improved the digestibility of animal feed and helped save crops and land resources needed in production. Crops used for feed that require a large amount of land and water resources have been replaced with proteins from microorganisms or insects. This has been made possible through ongoing research and development to conserve resources and the environment. Moreover, excrements that are inevitably generated in the animal industry are recycled to produce bio-gas and electricity, as yet another way to minimize the environmental impact.
EASY BIO is a value-creating corporation that presents a new standard for the animal industry starting from bio-engineering and cutting-edge technologies. The company is working hard to provide innovative solutions that can improve the sustainability of the animal protein industry. The solutions of EASY BIO present a new standard that can ensure the survival of the animal industry and ultimately the happiness and survival of mankind. This is the raison d’etre and mission of EASY BIO.


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