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Global Solutions

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EASY BIO contributes to the progress in the global livestock industry with its global solutions.

The global solutions of EASY BIO consist of the knowhow the company has accumulated over the years in the animal industry, its proprietary research network and infrastructure, and feed additive solutions proven for their efficacy. The global solutions do not stop at simply selling products but also include a variety of consulting services and support for technological data. This allows EASY BIO to contribute to the addressing of the issues of environmental preservation, seeking of alternatives for antibiotics and conservation of resources in the industry worldwide.

EASY BIO’s Global Network

EASY BIO is active with its business in the global market through its global offices and subsidiaries.

  • 글로벌솔루션 로고

    Pathway Intermediates Limited, United Kingdom.

    Established in 2001

    Unit 1, Harlescott Business Park, Harlescott Lane, Shrewsbury, SY1 3FG, United Kingdom

  • 글로벌솔루션 로고

    Pathway Intermediates (Thailand) Co., Ltd

    Established in 2015

    3300/118 Elephant Tower Zone B, 23rd Floor, Phaholyothin Road, Jompon, Chatujak, Bangkok 10900, Thailand

  • 글로벌솔루션 로고

    Pathway Intermediates Vietnam Co., Ltd.

    Established in 2019

    9th floor, PAX SKY Building, 34A Pham Ngoc Thach Street, Vo Thi Sau Ward, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

  • 글로벌솔루션 로고

    Pathway Intermediates USA, LLC.

    Established in 2019

    3701 Algonquin Rd, Suite 1000, Rolling Meadows, IL, 60008, USA

  • 글로벌솔루션 로고

    Chengdu Pathway Intermediates Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

    Established in 2021

    No. 3923, 39th Floor, No. 1 Building, No. 500, Mid Tianfu Avenue, Gaoxin District, Chengdu City, Pilot Free Trade Zone, China

  • 글로벌솔루션 로고

    PII Nantong Biotech (PII (Nantong) Bio-tech Co., Ltd., China.

    Established in 2016

    No. 2-1, Xinjing Road, Development Zone, Nantong City, Jiangsu Province, China

  • 글로벌솔루션 로고

    GNC Bioferm, Inc., Canada.

    Established in 1985

    1 Mile E of Bradwell, Box 6, Bradwell, SK, S0K 0P0, Canada

EASY BIO aspires to another jump forward
through qualitative growth in the global market.


The global animal industry has grown at a rapid pace thanks to the growth in the global economy and household income. One of the leading indices in the industry, the production quantity of compound feed, has seen a growth of 30% over seven years. The consumer demand for animal protein is forecast to grow by over 68% by year 2050 (World Resource Report), indicating a clear quantitative growth going ahead in the industry.
 Meanwhile, in terms of quality, the industry is faced with internal and external issues, including antimicrobial resistance, depletion of resources, and the need for environmental preservation. The animal industry does not exist alone but is interlinked with the ecosystem that contains the Earth’s environment, mankind and animals. As such, it is paramount for the animal industry to resolve the issues and seek qualitative growth for a healthy future of mankind and the Earth.
Through science-based solutions of Pathway Intermediates that have proven to be effective in the South Korean market and many years of knowhow accumulated in the industry, EASY BIO seeks to minimize the impact of the industry on the environment, end the risks of antimicrobial resistance and conserve crop resources.

EASY BIO is committed to becoming
a global specialist in biological resources.


The global feed additive market is estimated to be worth approximately 33 billion US dollars, with the market for high value-added functional additives, including anti-bacterial products or immune system strengtheners estimated to grow by more than 150% by year 2025 to become a 28 billion dollar market.
In an attempt to contribute to the quantitative and qualitative growth of the global animal industry that has huge growth potential, EASY BIO has provided Pathway Intermediates’ feed additive solutions that have been verified for their efficacy and competitiveness along with the company’s many years of knowhow. EASY BIO also presents a blueprint for a more sustainable global animal industry and its path forward.
EASY BIO goes beyond simply selling products through its overseas distributors. By establishing international offices and local subsidiaries, and signing MOU’s, the company seeks co-growth with the markets it has entered to manage a sustainable business and become a global specialist in biological resources.
EASY BIO has exported more than 15 million US dollar worth of feed additive solutions in more than 33 countries and has established 10 overseas subsidiaries and offices to serve as a launching board for its international business. The company will continue to launch and export global solutions, as well as establish local subsidiaries overseas to offer a product portfolio containing the ultimate solutions that help solve the issues faced by the industry.


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